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Water Tube Type Bi Drum FBC Boiler

Water Tube Type Bi Drum FBC Boiler
Water Tube Type Bi Drum FBC Boiler
Product Code : water-tube-type-bi-drum-F.B.C.-boiler
Product Description

STEAMPOWER is a 2-drum water tube boiler from BALKRISHNA. STEAMPOWER can be utilised to combust an extensive variety of fuels.

STEAMPOWER is most suitable for applications that need continuous boiler process even on fuel which have a high fouling inclination. STEAMPOWER can be utilised for creating soaked up steam as well as superheated steam. Superheated steam is needed for incidental power generation or cogeneration power in various industries such as distilleries, paper, solvent extraction, rice, textiles and many more.

STEAMPOWER is available in different combustion systems depending on the fuel.

  • FBC is appropriate for burning coal or lignite or other agro related low-grade fuels
  • Clearance grate or pulsating grate is well appropriate for burning fibrous & damp fuels acquired from industrial desecrate & agricultural remains
  • Travelling grate is well matched for burning low ash fuels

Product Features:

  • Elevated capacity heating system
  • Available in varied combinations - FBC, Dumping Grate or Pulsating grate, Travelling Grate, Pulsating Grate
  • It has a Multi fuel option – coal, lignite, wood, agro-based fuels and biogas


  • Capacities: the capacity is from 6 TPH to 30 TPH
  • Pressure: Maximum pressure is of 45.0 Kg per cm2 (g)
  • Temperature: is Up to 450ºC
  • Firing fuels: Indian & imported coal, coffee husk, wood, bagasse, paddy husk, lignite, groundnut shells, biogas and many more.